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Advanced wildfire risk data for insurance, re-insurance, infrastructure, utilities and catastrophic modelling


The effects of climate change have significantly accelerated wildfire risk. Billions of dollars have been lost across North America - assets, infrastructure and personal property. Wildfires present a threat to human life, air quality, recreation, timber harvests, hydrology, wildlife, and overall ecosystem health. The risk to property and human life has accelerated the need for high quality fire risk data. FRMG provides comprehensive data at 10-20 meter resolution coupled with unprecedented fire rating analysis.

Exceptional Data

Ability to develop accurate risk related pricing & Improved risk selection
Canada wide wildfire dataset provides comprehensive coverage for re-insurance, risk modelling, utilities and real-estate portfolio's
Assess wildfire risk exposure using 10-20M resolution that uniquely addresses the varying characteristics of each landscape
Maximize profits by measuring high risk areas while identifying unseen opportunities
Assess risk appetite and quantify mitigation impacts

High Quality National Data

FRMGs wildfire data provides insurance, catastrophic modelling companies and engineering organizations with high quality fire risk maps and data. We leverage satellite, Lidar and remote sensing tools with unique proprietary data to deliver high quality solutions. We identify high-risk areas to show loss potential and source of hazards with consistent, up-to-date information to support your data needs.

FRMG leverages 12 years of remote sensing, GIS, forestry and wildfire management expertise into high quality data designed to support the needs of insurance, engineering and catastrophic modelling companies.

Accurate decision making for Insurance, Engineering and Infrastructure

Managing wildfire risk is increasingly important for many insurers. Catastrophic wildfires are increasing in scope, frequency, and severity. Long-term projections dictate that this trend will continue to impact our communities. Data is key to understanding how to minimize and estimate potential damages from wildfires. FRMG’s wildfire data is precise; providing 10-20 metre resolution that enables detailed risk assessment resulting in improved data for insurance, engineering, and utilities infrastructure.

We help insurance companies improve underwriting profit and reduce loss ratios

FRMGs wildfire data arms insurance companies with the ability to improve underwriting profit and reduce loss ratio. Our wildfire data provides peace of mind to achieve pricing accuracy to remain competitive in todays markets.

Informed, accurate decisions on wildfire risk

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